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+ How much does it cost?

Once you fill in the Job request outlining the type of inspection you require with your details an email will be sent to you out lining the cost and what we offer in our services.

+ How do I organize an inspection?

We make organizing an inspection easy, if you are buying a house all you need to do is send an email requesting and inspection and include your full details such as full name current address and contact numbers. We will also need the address of the property and the real estate’s details of who you are dealing with, we will then take care of booking a time, making sure it fits in within the time limit specified on the sales contract. The reports are emailed you the same day normally towards the evening.

If you’re booking a New homes inspection we would require a electronic version of you stamped plans, engineering, soil report if available, energy report and fire Bal report. You will need to nominate to the builder that you are getting an inspector to undertake staged inspections and that they will require access at the stages you wish us to report on, once this is done the builder will request our details to organize the reports at the appropriate times, or in some cases the builder may ask for you to organize us.

+ Are there any discounts for more than 1 inspection?

The answer is simple; yes we always look after our repeat customers. If you are a repeat customer please contact us directly to book your inspections.

+ Are the inspectors Licensed & Insured?

Yes all our inspection are licensed and insured in the field that they are inspecting on.

+ How long does an inspection take?

All inspection vary depending on the type of inspection and the amount of defects found at the time of the inspection, some inspections may only take 40mins – hour while others may take up to 2 hours plus the report generating time.

+ Can I Be Present at the inspection?

Yes you are more than welcome to attend the inspection, all we ask is that you let the inspector carry out his inspection before asking questions.

+ When should I organize an inspection?

You should be organizing or at least be inquiring about inspections before signing a contract.

+ Can I talk to the inspector?

Yes you can talk to the inspector carrying out your inspection, however if you are on site with the inspector its best to leave the inspector carry out his report first then once his finished he can fill you in on the defects found. If you’re not on site the report is emailed then once you have read the report and have any question you can ring the inspector who’s name and contact number will appear on the report and ask any questions you may have for clarification.

+ What should I do before signing a sale contract?

You should make sure that when signing a contract of sale that you stipulate that the purchase is subject to a building and timber pest inspection on all matters and not that just on structural as sometimes the small minimal things add up to tens of thousands of dollars even though there are no real Major structural problems. Real estate agents are always trying to place clauses that read only major structural problem and not the small items.

+ What will my report look like?

Your report will be fully comprehensive with listed defect and photos. Please download a sample report to gather a better understanding of what we do.

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Pre-Purchase Inspections Melbourne