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Building Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance Inspections

There are two types of maintenance inspections that we do.

  • The first type is a new home 90 day maintenance inspection. This is where we come and assess your home for possible damage caused by the movement and assess who is responsible for the repairs. We then issue you with a full documented report of our findings including all the minor maintenance items generally found that are within the Guide to Standards & Tolerances 2015. This report can then be passed on to your builder so that they can start the repair process.
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  • The second type of inspection is a rental routine property inspection where we report on the state of a property prior to tenant occupancy. This report will give you a full run down on the condition of the house so that at your interval inspection or when your tenant vacates the property you can compare our reports that outlines damage that may have been caused during their occupation so that the landlord is not up for unforeseen costs of repairs.

We understand that a lot of landlords are busy with work and family and can’t find the time to address these meetings, so it’s often left to the rental authorities to make sure there is no damage and that the house is in good standing order.

The problem is that sometimes the tenants will damage items on or in a property and attempt to repair it themselves, making a mess of the repairs. These repairs are not normally picked up by real estatess during their inspections as they don’t stand out and there is no documented evidence that proves it wasn’t there before.

We can also assist with the repairs of damage or maintenance as required.

Let us help you look after your investments.

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